Our Story



"Enable is about the intentional building of relationships with society, creating value through gainful employment, where difference is welcomed and all benefit." Michael Mascarenhas CEO Desert Group

Desert Group hired 32 UAE young Nationals to work as gardeners at one of Desert Group plantation nurseries. With an in-house team of specialists delivering a very comprehensive rehabilitation program (behavioral, professional) we call it “Desert Group PWD Work Inclusion Program”. We have succeeded thru this program in developing skills necessary to sustain a satisfactory level of employee production that would positively affect our bottom line. To achieve quality assurance; have developed an innovative performance monitoring system that enabled timely reporting to our stakeholders (parents, management, government & community.

With all that happening, we kept on developing our program to gain a higher level of efficiency in employee productivity PLUS skill development.

In 2015 we felt that notion of sustainability is evident. We had to ensure the continuous of this program throw a sustainable model without decreasing from our social impact, but in the contrary, we wanted to achieve growth. Therefore, we felt the concept of social enterprise fits our vision perfectly. So we created “ENABLE”

Enable is a social enterprise that empowers PWD by delivering entrepreneurial skills that offers a range of quality home & garden products assembled by well-trained special stars.

Apart from our advocacy strategy, the aim of this enterprise is to create entrepreneurial skills for people with cognitive disabilities and deliver a 3­­60 degree retail model starting from product concept, assembly, merchandise and sales. The skill set will ENABLE individuals with such special abilities to start their own retail units and therefore achieve financial sustainability.

100% of ENABLE products will be used to fuel its retail operations with 15% of each product sold will go back to the employee who created it to empower their abilities.

Enable is a Home & Garden brand that offers a range of quality home & garden products assembled by our stars. We offer beautiful indoor plant arrangements using quality #succulents and #cacti sourced from national and international well-known suppliers.

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